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Do you check in with your dentist every six months? If not, it’s time to make an appointment! Your dental visits are more than just an hour or so out of your daily life. They are checkups to clean and correct any dental damage that may be happening in your smile.

Furthermore, our dentist, Dr. Chris Ostendorf, is happy to help you with your dental checkups. That is why our team in Stewartsville, Missouri, welcomes you to make an appointment.

Here is a list compiled of why your dental visits are essential:

– A professional dentist can only remove tartar and if neglected can lead to gum disease or threaten the life of a tooth.
– Having a cleaner and a healthier smile means your teeth can look stunning and beautiful.
– Your dentist can identify cavities and repair them before they threaten to destroy your tooth when caught early enough.
– Oral cancer screenings are part of every semi-annual checkup.
– Checkups can ward off gum disease that could lead to tooth loss and even bone loss.

As you can see, there are many reasons to checkup with your dentist. If you have questions or concerns about your teeth and gums, please call us right away to make an appointment. Our friendly dental team at Ostendorf Family Dentistry looks forward to your visit and is happy to help you with your oral health.