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Regardless of the severity, knowing what to do in a dental emergency can do quite a bit to help maintain your smile’s integrity. From small cracks or chips in teeth to knocked-out teeth, holes in your lips or tongue, and other problems, there’s no shortage of possible dental emergencies.

The following advice applies broadly to all dental emergencies. No matter what situation you find yourself in, these will help should you ever need emergency dental care.

Find the tooth
A dentist spends a surprising amount of time reinserting teeth that were knocked out. While that’s something Dr. Chris Ostendorf can definitely do, you need to do your part first by looking for the missing tooth. If you can’t find it, we can’t replace it. That means other options are suddenly on the table.

Manage bleeding
Mouth wounds – and head wounds in general – tend to bleed a lot. Thankfully, they usually don’t hurt as bad as other wounds. Make sure to apply pressure to wherever the damage occurred. If you can stop, or at least manage, the bleeding, our team here at Ostendorf Family Dentistry in Stewartsville, Missouri, will have a much easier time of quickly fixing your damage.

Don’t panic
Panic will only make the situation worse. While a dental emergency is certainly stressful, there are a ton of different restorative dentistry options available to help you should it come to that. Our entire team is here just to help you through things like this. You can help us by being as calm as possible.

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